Owen Marcus

Owen Marcus

What am I about?

Change. Since the mid ‘70’s change is what I do. First, it was starting my journey healing my Asperger’s Syndrome and my dyslexia. My initial success and intrigue led me to pursue change as a career. Not any kind of change, but revolutionary change. I want the change to erupts from our core. I want change that is sustainable and ripples its effect throughout the planet.

For me the best way to effect change is to change myself in all ways. I started with transforming my body through Rolfing, which I still do today professionally. All change evolves, my expanded into indigenous healing practices, body-mind psychotherapy, Ericksonian hypnosis, mindfulness stress reduction, men’s work and now blogging.

Below is the list of my main sites and blogs. They do a much better job of sharing my passion than I could here. Please explore.

My main site –

Be Whole. Change the Planet. www.WholeRevolution.com

About Stress –

Transforming stress www.Stressedout.org

About men’s work –

Sandpoint Men’s Group www.SandpointMensGroup.com

Sandpoint Men’s Group blog www.AJourneyofIntegrity.com

About holistic health –

Sandpoint Wellness Council www.SandpointWellnessCouncil.com

About Rolfing –

Rolfing community site and blog www.RolfHub.com

Rolfing www.align.org

Studying Rolfing’s effect on cellulite www.RolfCellulite.com

About keeping our local environment –

Keeping our waters clean www.CleanRivers.net